Meet the Team

Meet Our Dynamic Team at Really Good Dumpsters

Shawn Blackburn – General Manager

Meet the driving force behind Really Good Dumpsters, our General Manager, Shawn Blackburn. With a wealth of experience in logistics and a passion for delivering exceptional service, Shawn leads our team with a keen eye for efficiency and customer satisfaction. His dedication to excellence sets the tone for our entire operation.

Steven Waltz – Lead Driver

Meet Steven, our dependable Lead Driver with a commitment to on-time and efficient dumpster deliveries. Steven’s attention to detail ensures that every dumpster is placed precisely where you need it. His friendly demeanor and professionalism make him a valuable asset to our team.

Mike Walsh – Driver

With Mike behind the wheel, you can trust that your dumpster will be handled with care and precision. Mike’s experience and reliability ensure that our dumpster delivery service exceeds your expectations. He is a vital member of our team, always ready to go the extra mile for our customers.

Jan Apostol – Routing Agent

Meet Jan, our routing agent extraordinaire. With a keen sense of organization and strategic planning, Jan ensures that our dumpster delivery and pick-up schedules run seamlessly. Whether it’s optimizing routes or coordinating logistics, Jan’s attention to detail and proactive approach keep our operations running like a well-oiled machine.